Traditional and modern finishing

Period and modern architectural fixtures and fittings (see below) can be finished in different ways. The main finishes in use are:

• Traditional French polishing
• Traditional oil polishing
• Traditional wax polishing
• Yacht varnishing
• Cellulose finishing
• Lacquering

Just as there are many finishes and finishing processes, there are a multitude of treatments to wooden fixtures and fittings in order to achieve the best results.

• Staining- water, oil, spirit and chemical
• Colour matching
• Professional hand stripping
• Bleaching
• Sanding
• Restoration and reviving
• Repairs to finishes, e.g. scratches, chips, water marks, burns.

Our services are applied to many different fixtures and fittings, period and modern.
Here are some examples

• Staircases and banisters
• Doors, doorframes and thresholds
• Skirting boards and dado rails
• Wooden panelling
• Window frames
• Fitted wardrobes
• Antique and modern furniture
• Yachts, traditional boats and barges
• Musical instruments

Specialist Cane and Rush seating

  • Traditional single and double cane
  • Pre-woven
  • Traditional rush seating
  • Danish cord chairs

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